generálním partnerem školy je Město Znojmo


The research and counselling centre (RCC) aims at cooperation development between the college, its academic staff and students and professional public, autonomy administration and business sphere, not only in the Znojmo region.

RCC activities

  • Monitoring of grant opportunities to finance research and educational activities of the college and its partners.
  • Counselling for project planning and financial support applications (not only for the college departments, but also for external subjects).
  • Mediation of professional consultations on problem solving for business and non-profit sectors using the academic staff potential.
  • Implementation of research projects for external clients (market surveys, quality inspection of provided services - mystery shopping, structured interviews etc).
  • Using of the creative potential of the students for working out specific tasks ordered by business people (e.g. low-cost advertising campaign aiming at specific target audience, website design, travel packages creation etc).

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