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Incoming Students

Basic information about Private College of Economic Studies in Znojmo


Courses for Erasmus Students in English Language: 

SVŠE has introduced the study results assessment according to the Bologna system and follows its recommendations at credits granting (according to number of lessons and on the basis of the student workload).The subjects taught in mother tongue are divided into compulsory and optional. A student has to be granted 180 credits to graduate successfully the 3-year bachelor program. As for the outgoing students, before their stay abroad they know, according to the Learning Agreement, which subjects (how many credits) they are going to study. After coming back they are granted the credits following the internal credit system (see Grading System).

Requirements: Incoming students are expected to have English language skills at intermediate level, according to the international classification communication level at least B1.

Languages at SVŠE

The language knowledge level of the SVŠE students is high (positive assessment from all their foreign stays). Students are required to pass 2 foreign language exams (after 4 study terms), the 1st language is at higher level, focused on professional use (Business English&German, B2 –C1), the other language is general communication (option of 3 languages,A2 –B1). SVŠE specifications are following: tuition in small groups, students´ presentations in foreign language on a professional topic, workshops with native speakers, preparation for international exams. SVŠE has signed cooperation contracts with British Council & Goethe Institut, thus enabling the students to take international language exams in English/German directly at SVSE premises.   

Deadline for students without visa requirement  for autumn/winter term:       30th June

Daedline for students without visa requirement  for spring/summer term:      30th November

Deadline for application documents:                                                           15th August

Deadline for students with visa requirement  for autumn/winter term:            31st May

Deadline for students with visa requirement  for spring/summer term:           31st October

Deadline for application documents:                                                            20th December


Students from the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland are in the Czech Republic to the European coordination of the right to necessary medical care, the contracted medical facilities (including general practitioners, specialists, dentists and hospitals). The care they should be granted only on the basis of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or Approve Provisional Replacements Certificates (REPL). You can also select a contact from a health insurance, which will issue Approve authorization. Other foreign students are advised to home handled health insurance, including hospitalization. If necessary, you may settle in the Czech Republic with a local commercial health insurance. For more information, visit

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