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Erasmus Policy Statement SVŠE

The main objectives and priorities of SVŠE in the area of international relations are exactly specified in the internal document International relations concept, which builds on previous years’ concept and where the following main priorities are defined:

-          Cooperation on research and joint publishing

-          Student mobility

-          Teacher mobility

-          Establishment of Master´s study program in English

-          Development of cooperation with educational institution in the border area.

The document in the Czech language is published at the school website ( 

Priorities at relations establishment with foreign partners

The establishment of relations and cooperation development with foreign partners is realised in compliance with the priorities defined in the above mentioned concept.


Considering the geographical position of the school, which is the only university and modern academic educational institution in the border region South Moravia – Lower Austria the emphasis in the first phase after founding the school was put on establishment of international cooperation with the universities and colleges in Austria, with study programs focusing on economics, management and tourism (Institute for Business Education at the WU Vienna University of Economics and Business, Universities of Applied Sciences in Krems and Eisenstadt). On the basis of agreements, exchange teaching, student workshops, host professors lectures, mutual attendance at conferences and cooperation on projects were carried out. In the second phase, SVŠE launched cooperation with companies in Lower Austria and Vienna to offer internships in the international working environment (e.g. Stadtamt Retz, UNIQA Vienna and others) to the students.


The next step to establish contacts was addressing the educational institutions and companies in the partner towns of the town of Znojmo, when the priority was to offer the possibility to participate in work internships to the students and the chance to realize projects focused on individual needs of the companies to the academic workers.


SVŠE established cooperation contracts with universities with the same or similar study program and with educational institutions in other countries (Slovakia, Poland, Germany) and those involved in the projects within V4 (Hungary). The objective was, besides the student and teacher mobility, to establish joint master study program in English (in cooperation with Széchényi István University Györ), participation on joint projects (e.g. with Slovak University of Agriculture, Nitra) and student scientific activities (e. g. with Matel Bel University Banská Bystrica). The next step was expansion of the student and teacher mobility offer to Europe and finally to China.

Since establishing the Foreign relations department in 2009 we have signed contracts on bilateral cooperation with 18 foreign institutions and have realized common projects with several other companies. The objective of this phase has been to enable the SVŠE students and teachers to gain new experience, to improve their language knowledge and to learn to work in foreign environment. The essential condition is active fulfilment of all the contract conditions and taking advantage of all the possibilities they offer.

Quality of academic mobility and increasing the Erasmus Program awareness

According to our philosophy of continuously implementing the international orientation and practice of our University of Applied Sciences we offer a large scale of measures to intensify the student and teacher mobility ensuring high quality standards.


All the information relating to offers, foreign stays tenders, their results and all important contacts are published and updated on the SVŠE website. Moreover, the information is presented at the SVŠE press conferences, in the regional newspaper of the town of Znojmo and in Akademické listy newsletter issued by SVŠE and distributed free of charge into 20 000 households.


To ensure high quality of the mobility, the regulations and procedures have been elaborated. They are summarized in the Decree of the Rector about foreign study stays and student and staff internship (published in Czech language on the SVŠE website These documents set the exact rights and responsibilities of outgoing and incoming students and staff; they guarantee the selection transparency and set the assessment rules after return. The Vice rector for foreign relation is responsible for following the regulations. SVŠE is accessible for all students both within the Erasmus program and outside it, regardless to race, nationality, gender and belief, as well as to academic workers from both European and non-European countries.

The most important objective of organizing the foreign student and staff mobility is to open up to cosmopolitan space, to gain new information and knowledge, to test the language and communicative skills, to establish contacts with colleagues abroad and also to offer one´s know-how to international projects solutions. So far we have been doing very well, which can be proved by positive feedback from the foreign partner institutions.


SVŠE offers three year study program Accounting and financial management of a firm for students of  both the full-attendance and combined form of study.

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