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Student Internships Abroad

In autumn 2008 the in-house regulations on student selection for internships in foreign companies were adopted in SVŠE. The International Department organized the first students´ internships in China and Slovakia. In the following academic year the offer was extended by destinations in Hungary, Germany and Austria.

The main objective of the foreign internships is to enable the students to achieve the maximum amount of working and personal experience. The foreign internships contribute to professional and personal development of students, to improvement of their language knowledge and communication skills. The internship often plays an important role in elaborating the bachelor thesis and it may improve the students´ position on the labour market.

For the time being the foreign internships are three weeks long. The SVŠE financial contribution includes travel expenses, accommodation and travel insurance.

For each internship a contract between SVŠE Znojmo, a partnership institution and a student is signed. This contract clarifies content of the internship and the way it is organized. The International Department is permanently in touch with the student and the receiving organization during the internship. The students submit a final report on their stay after they return from abroad and inform the project coordinator personally. The same is done by the receiving organization after the internship is finished. The supervisor provides SVŠE with a final report and student’s assessment. Internships form an integral part of educational programs of SVŠE Znojmo and that is why they are fully recognized within the SVŠE curriculum. SVŠE encourages its students’ own initiative to seek and choose foreign companies for their internships.

Our object is to send students for long-term internships within the frame of internationally accessible programs, hence we are - within the bounds of our possibilities and conditions - applying for memberships in such programs. The International Department keeps students and academic workers informed about these activities in terms of current news.

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