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About us

The Private College of Economic Studies Znojmo was founded in 2005 with a substantial help of the town Znojmo. It is a non-university type of college with a bachelor degree curriculum. It provides bachelor degree qualifications (graduate degree Bc.) in the full-attendance and combined form of study.

During the academic year 2019/2020 the Private College of Economic Studies Znojmo is celebrating 15 years in existence. Below we present you with the most significant milestones of this decade and a half.

  • March 2005 The Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic certified the Private College of Economics Znojmo the to teach and award undergraduate degrees.
  • September 2005 The first 72 students enrolled in the historically first college degree opened in Znojmo.
  • April 2006 Opening of the student club Harvart by an inaugural  concert of Ivo Jahelka.
  • September 2006 Opening of our branch in Prague, where the College offers a combined (part-time / distant) form of study for the degree Accounting and Financial Management
  • February 2007 1st Representative Gala of the Private College of Economic Studies Znojmo, with the band NO NAME and record attendance of 1000.
  • June 2008 First graduation ceremony takes place at the Znojmo Town Theatre
  • From 2009 Students began completing internships abroad, not only at partner universities in Europe, but also in China and India.
  • June 2014 Bc. Lucie Vystrčilová became the 1000th graduate of the College.
  • May 2015 Publication of our book ‘10 years of SVSE’, launched by Aleš Háma.
  • September 2018 Opening of graduate master’s degree, another historical milestone for higher education in Znojmo.
  • June 2019 Bc Lenka Novotná became the 1500th graduate of the College

1520 students have graduated from SVSE since its opening in 2005 up until June 2019. 

Our 1500th graduate was Ms Lenka Novotná, who was awarded with the Bachelor´s degree in Marketing and Management. The College’s executive management introduced this jubilee graduate at a press conference organised for the graduation ceremony. Ms Novotná expressed her satisfaction with the teaching & content quality of the degree. She has also decided to continue her education by pursuing the related Master’s degree at SVSE, starting in September 2019.  

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